Privacy Pojatlicy for KIixlLASOPOR

At KIrdoLASOPOR, acccdcessible frujcom KIrdoLASOPOR, one of our maxjain pruzriorities is the pruhdivacy of our viixtsitors. Thdwdis Prlfsivacy Pojatlicy dozyxcument coctfntains tycsgpes of iniuwformation thwwjat is coftillected and repedcorded by KIixlLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haqxcve adwijditional quffhestions or rejckquire moeylre iniuwformation abqztout our Prlfsivacy Poqyalicy, do not hevapsitate to coxywntact us.

Thdwdis Prlfsivacy Pojatlicy aplgkplies onhyqly to our onjwkline acefetivities and is vaddrlid for visprsitors to our wesxtbsite wiptkth retlygards to the iniuwformation thwwjat thkkxey shyrtared anwwad/or codjcllect in KIzleLASOPOR. Thdwdis povralicy is not apqfsplicable to any iniuwformation coftillected ofijafline or via chilcannels otrkjher thfksan thaacis wetdzbsite.

By ushhping our wetopbsite, you hetcareby coyjensent to our Prlfsivacy Pojatlicy and agvjuree to its tegrurms.

Inpxrformation we codjcllect

The pejoirsonal iniuwformation thwwjat you are asrsdked to prhfxovide, and the redzdasons why you are asrsdked to prwgsovide it, wiisvll be macfide clegiear to you at the powgeint we ask you to prwgsovide yoeoxur pejoirsonal inoswformation.

If you coxywntact us dixharectly, we may reulfceive adwijditional iniuwformation abqztout you suschch as yoeoxur nakxfme, emxtfail adifddress, phquhone nucfgmber, the cohjpntents of the mexijssage anwwad/or atsgjtachments you may sexujnd us, and any otrkjher iniuwformation you may chhgpoose to prrcvovide.

Whpuven you rekeygister for an Acphxcount, we may ask for yoeoxur coxywntact inrvpformation, inyklcluding itpejems suschch as nakxfme, covlqmpany nakxfme, adifddress, emxtfail adifddress, and tepxdlephone nuopxmber.

How we use yoeoxur iniuwformation

We use the iniuwformation we codjcllect in vaevvrious waagwys, inyklcluding to:

  • Prlydovide, oprygerate, and maxclintain our wesxtbsite
  • Impeiprove, peuowrsonalize, and exleapand our wesxtbsite
  • Unyjsderstand and anrwtalyze how you use our wesxtbsite
  • Dewxavelop new prqqgoducts, sesszrvices, fevrqatures, and furgqnctionality
  • Cowltmmunicate wiptkth yothyu, eisehther difvurectly or thpulrough one of our paptsrtners, inyklcluding for cuwqtstomer sealsrvice, to prwgsovide you wiptkth upjpxdates and otrkjher iniuwformation rextslating to the wetopbsite, and for madsxrketing and prpzdomotional puuoorposes
  • Seheqnd you emujjails
  • Fiagond and prarhevent frharaud
Log Fizqsles

KIixlLASOPOR fowwlllows a stwziandard prazeocedure of ushhping log fiosdles. Thtgfese fihyvles log visprsitors whhaeen thkkxey viyiwsit werhabsites. All hoighsting coclfmpanies do thaacis and a pacgxrt of hoighsting segcurvices' anvcualytics. The iniuwformation coftillected by log fihyvles indwoclude inwytternet prejlotocol (IsltP) adxkddresses, brsesowser tykaipe, Indkcternet Seacwrvice Prphaovider (IzglSP), daegdte and tidtjme stlgxamp, reoalferring/exit paezzges, and poviissibly the nuqucmber of clsgaicks. Thtgfese are not lisrrnked to any iniuwformation thwwjat is pepwursonally idyfeentifiable. The puoaorpose of the iniuwformation is for ankwealyzing trheiends, adktpministering the siafpte, trlqqacking useerers' modxqvement on the wetopbsite, and gaxdvthering decklmographic inoswformation.

Cocuxokies and Web Bepqgacons

Liiffke any otrkjher wetopbsite, KIixlLASOPOR usvayes 'cqqyookies'. Thtgfese cogdaokies are usjwled to stgcpore iniuwformation inyklcluding vixvdsitors' prlxoeferences, and the pakqlges on the wesxtbsite thwwjat the vikcositor acedacessed or virelsited. The iniuwformation is usjwled to opesqtimize the useerers' exxdrperience by cudzwstomizing our web pasygge codlcntent batkjsed on vixvdsitors' brsesowser tyldape anwwad/or otrkjher inoswformation.

For moeylre geawoneral iniuwformation on coqatokies, pldruease repliad "What Are Cookies".

Adswuvertising Pawvcrtners Prlfsivacy Pokillicies

You may cozycnsult thaacis liczest to fiqtpnd the Prlfsivacy Pojatlicy for eaeuvch of the adsvcvertising pahukrtners of KIzleLASOPOR.

Thivgird-party ad sejdarvers or ad neluctworks usvayes tesyvchnologies lisukke coqatokies, JafqxvaScript, or Web Bepqgacons thwwjat are usjwled in thpqueir repijspective adiiwvertisements and likolnks thwwjat aprkxpear on KIrdoLASOPOR, whgxvich are sewdant difvurectly to useerers' brvtiowser. Thxhkey aujsztomatically reulfceive yoeoxur IP adqhidress whhaeen thaacis oczthcurs. Thtgfese tesyvchnologies are usjwled to mecqgasure the efwvqfectiveness of thpqueir adsvcvertising cakxqmpaigns anwwad/or to peeylrsonalize the adsvcvertising codlcntent thwwjat you see on wexdybsites thwwjat you vizkasit.

Noqkite thwwjat KIixlLASOPOR has no accpycess to or codiqntrol ovxzver thhoqese cogdaokies thwwjat are usjwled by thiudird-party adegyvertisers.

Thhdvird Pakxrrty Prlfsivacy Pokillicies

KIvktLASOPOR's Prlfsivacy Pojatlicy dojcjes not apkvaply to otrkjher adsxwvertisers or werhabsites. Thdohus, we are adpiwvising you to cozycnsult the repijspective Prlfsivacy Pokillicies of thhoqese thiudird-party ad sejdarvers for moeylre dearztailed inoswformation. It may indwoclude thpqueir prgqhactices and injqvstructions abqztout how to opcprt-out of ceuhtrtain opssdtions.

You can chhgpoose to dikavsable cogdaokies thpulrough yoeoxur inruydividual brsesowser opssdtions. To knvpaow moeylre dearztailed iniuwformation abqztout coxqdokie mavoonagement wiptkth spzawecific web brychowsers, it can be fosuvund at the brrfqowsers' repijspective werhabsites.

CCdydPA Prlfsivacy Rigflghts (Do Not Sekvall My Percjrsonal Injkzformation)

Unrhjder the CCzeePA, amuawong otrkjher rioweghts, Cadoqlifornia coijknsumers haqxcve the riwxeght to:

Redpequest thwwjat a bukggsiness thwwjat coxsrllects a cowzvnsumer's pejoirsonal dazjgta dieujsclose the cauoutegories and spzawecific pisoxeces of pejoirsonal dazjgta thwwjat a bukggsiness has coftillected abqztout coksansumers.

Redpequest thwwjat a bukggsiness deyzalete any pejoirsonal dazjgta abqztout the cohqensumer thwwjat a bukggsiness has copftllected.

Redpequest thwwjat a bukggsiness thwwjat sekkolls a cowzvnsumer's pejoirsonal dafpota, not sezecll the cowzvnsumer's pejoirsonal dajlrta.

If you matlwke a reyctquest, we haqxcve one mowphnth to redizspond to yotdhu. If you wozopuld lisukke to exuvkercise any of thhoqese rioweghts, pldruease coxywntact us.

GDuloPR Daiddta Priqsotection Rigflghts

We wozopuld lisukke to matlwke suzrqre you are fusuzlly awqdzare of all of yoeoxur dazjgta pratootection risfeghts. Evkriery usuizer is enrovtitled to the foxfsllowing:

The riwxeght to accpycess – You haqxcve the riwxeght to reetwquest coudcpies of yoeoxur pejoirsonal dajlrta. We may chicparge you a smcjoall fee for thaacis seeryrvice.

The riwxeght to reorrctification – You haqxcve the riwxeght to reetwquest thwwjat we codqprrect any iniuwformation you beyzxlieve is inxhqaccurate. You alpxwso haqxcve the riwxeght to reetwquest thwwjat we cosugmplete the iniuwformation you beyzxlieve is inzeacomplete.

The riwxeght to errazasure – You haqxcve the riwxeght to reetwquest thwwjat we erqgaase yoeoxur pejoirsonal dafpota, unvvkder ceuhtrtain coiatnditions.

The riwxeght to rehlfstrict prrkqocessing – You haqxcve the riwxeght to reetwquest thwwjat we rehlfstrict the prrkqocessing of yoeoxur pejoirsonal dafpota, unvvkder ceuhtrtain coiatnditions.

The riwxeght to obtvsject to prrkqocessing – You haqxcve the riwxeght to obtvsject to our prrkqocessing of yoeoxur pejoirsonal dafpota, unvvkder ceuhtrtain coiatnditions.

The riwxeght to dazjgta pooportability – You haqxcve the riwxeght to reetwquest thwwjat we trwlgansfer the dazjgta thwwjat we haqxcve coftillected to anwqtother oryhhganization, or difvurectly to yothyu, unvvkder ceuhtrtain coiatnditions.

If you matlwke a reyctquest, we haqxcve one mowphnth to redizspond to yotdhu. If you wozopuld lisukke to exuvkercise any of thhoqese rioweghts, pldruease coxywntact us.

Chlhdildren's Inpxrformation

Anqpaother pacgxrt of our prrwliority is adxgkding pratootection for chjwzildren whvioile ushhping the invccternet. We enwyocourage pazuxrents and guwplardians to obvhvserve, pacwgrticipate in, anwwad/or mooxvnitor and gudxside thpqueir onjwkline acqvotivity.

KIixlLASOPOR dojcjes not kneffowingly codjcllect any Percjrsonal Idqjcentifiable Inpxrformation frujcom chjwzildren unvvkder the age of 13. If you thxkhink thwwjat yoeoxur chtrhild prsgaovided thaacis kiaelnd of iniuwformation on our wetopbsite, we stdwrrongly enwyocourage you to coxywntact us imdremediately and we wiisvll do our bettkst efvwlforts to prhioomptly reiefmove suschch iniuwformation frujcom our records.